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Belize Zoo

A Great Place for the Family.

Adults  $65 USD

Kids  $50 USD  (5-12)

The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is a zoo in Belize, located some 29 miles west of Belize City on the Western Highway. Set in 29 acres, the zoo was founded in 1983 by Sharon Matola. It is home to more than 175 animals of about 48 species, all native to Belize. Unlike typical Zoos, the Belize Zoo is not only an animal exhibit but it's an animal rehab and rescue center. Many of the Animals at the Zoo have been rescued while in their infant stages. 

One of the most outstanding and Marvel to look at while visiting the Zoo would be the Jaguar who is the Apex Predator of Belize. If you're in town for half a day, be sure to include this Tour on the list.

  • The Zoo is 29 miles ( 45 Minute ) Drive from Belize City

  • The activity Part of the Zoo lasts 1 hour. 

  • Please dress weather apporpirate, the Zoo, though it is sheltered by trees can be very hot and humid. 

  • All Animals are native to Belize that are at the Zoo. 

Enjoy our Mini Gallery of our time at the Zoo

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