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Activity Level: Low

$50 USD Adults
$35 USD Kids

Duration: 3.5 Hours

  Howler Monkey Sanctuary


  • The Drive is 30 miles (50 minutes from Belize City)

  • Belize is the only place in the world where you'll get such unique interaction with these Howler Monkeys

  • Walking is minimal to moderate, depends on how deep within the Forest the monkeys are. It normally takes about 5 to 15 minutes before they are located.

  • These Howler Monkeys are not kept in captivity, we are entering their original Habitat. 

  • These Monkeys are harmless and innocent. They have developed a special relationship with Humans over the years.

  • Dress Weather appropriate and bring along bottled water. (Water available to purchase at site also) 

Observe Belize's rowdy black howler monkeys in their native habitat with a shore excursion from Belize City to the Community Baboon Sanctuary, a unique conservation area that combines jungle, villages, and pasture. As you hike along forested trails with a guide, learn about the lifestyle and endangerment of the black howler monkey and how the sanctuary is helping protect these amazing animals in Belize, one of the few places in the world where they can be viewed in such a setting.

Before the fun, here's a quick peek at this amazing family experience

Natural Habitat of Belize's Monkeys

black howley monkey in belize
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