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$65 USD



Duration: 4.5 Hours

Cave Tubing

Activity Level:Low-Moderate

  • It takes roughly 60 to 70 minutes to arrive to the Nohoch Che'en Cave's Branch Site.

  • Please Bring along a change of clothes and towel, 

  • You will need to bring along water shoes or a tennis shoe as there are rocks on the trail. 

  • The level of the water varies depending on season/most recent weather. At time it's high and at time's it's low. In the dry season the water level tends to be lower at a certain point which may disrupt the flow of Tubing for a few seconds. 

  • Mosquitoes and such are seasonal but it's always good to bring along bug repellent.

  • Lockers are available on site provided by the Park Rangers however our guests normally leaves their belonging locked up safely in our vehicles.

  • The Activity Part of the Tour takes about 90 minutes

  • If you wish, do bring along waterproof cameras/go pros to take back memorable photos and videos.

  • The CaveTubing and Cave Kayaking operates at the same site.

Cave Tubing is the most popular and fun activity to do in Belize. What makes this excursion so unique is that Belize is the only country in the world where this activity is possible. Imagine floating down the river in an inner-tube without a care in the world until you disappear into the caves where the strange and exotic Mayan Rituals took places thousands of years ago. You're perfectly safe in the company of other tubing travelers and your guide will make sure you are safe and well informed by the time your tubing experience is done. No worries about the darkest section of the caves: everybody will be outfitted with Helmet-Lights. Now that's the way to go!


The Number 1 Adventure in Belize!

River Tube

Enjoy our Mini Gallery of CaveTubing

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