Cave Kayaking

         $75 USD pp

When it comes to seeing and exploring  Belize's cave system, the best way to do so is by Kayaking. On this scenic adventure, you will trek 20 minutes through the Tropical Rainforest on an Eco-Friendly Jungle trail. Your guide will point out many things along the way including flora and fauna. Once you're at the Cave's entrance, you will board your Kayak and begin your journey upstream passing by 2 different caves. Inside the caves are dark, but no need to worry, you will be fitted with helmets and headlamps to assist in guiding you. Along your trip, you will notice many stalactite and stalagmites with crystallized rock formations. These ancient caves were once used for rituals from the past Maya Civilization which your guide will  narrate, taking you back in time.  At certain points, You will get a chance to do some swimming and dry Cave exploration to maximize your experience! 



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