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Showing you Belize in Comfort

Whether you're an overnight or cruise ship passenger If your vacation feels incomplete without a guided tour, we have several options for you to choose from at Way To Go Tours . We have guided tour packages to suit any budget or special request. Have a look around.


The Belize Party Bus Extravaganza

Adults      $50.00 USD
Kids           $35.00 USD

It's not a bus, it's not a transportation, it's a Party Bus!  Come join us on the Belizean Dream Express as we take you for a 2 Hours tour in our beautiful home Belize!


2 Hours


The Belize City Tour & Rum Factory

Adults       $25.00 USD
Kids           $15.00 USD

On this Tour, you will visit the North and South Side of Belize City. It is a complete City tour. You will get to see Historic Sites, stop at the BELIZE sign to take pictures, and take a tour of the Rum Factory where there are unlimited Rum shots on ONE exhibited Rum.
Transportation is going to be an Air Conditioned Bus/Van depending on group size.
The Tour lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours!
Payment is accepted the morning of the Tour by cash. No deposits needed.
Departure Time for this Tour is 9:30 a.m. LOCAL BELIZE TIME (Not Ship Time but the Time in Belize)

altun ha- new.jpg

Altun Ha Temple

Adults  $45.00


   Kids        $35.00   

Just 30 miles outside of Belize City lies this Ancient Mayan City.  Established 2200 years ago, The area is shrouded in a lush and beautiful rainforest. Altun Ha was a wealthy ceremonial center boasting two main plazas, thirteen structures (including the Temple of Sun God or the Temple of the Masonry Altars). Book with us to have a walk back in History with one of our knowledgeable Tour Guides.

Note - We can accommodate any group size! We cater to 1's and 100's 


3.5 Hours

BigFallsRiverTubing (2).jpg

Cave Tubing

Adults $50.00

Cave Tubing is the most popular and fun activity to do in Belize. What makes this excursion so unique is that Belize is the only country in the world where this activity is possible. Imagine floating down the river in an inner-tube without a care in the world until you disappear into the caves where the strange and exotic Mayan Rituals took places thousands of years ago. You're perfectly safe in the company of other tubing travelers and your guide will make sure you are safe and well informed by the time your tubing experience is done. No worries about the darkest section of the caves: everybody will be outfitted with Helmet-Lights. 

Things to Bring:

  1. A towel 

  2. Water Shoes or Enclosed Footwear

  3. Change of Clothes 


4Hrs 30 Minutes


Belize HorseBack Riding Safari

Adults $65.00 USD            
Kids $50.00 USD

Looking to experience breathtaking scenery in Belize? You are more than welcome to come experience the beauty of Belize's Pine Savannah forest atop one of our well-tamed Horses. This Tour takes place within the peaceful village of St.Paul's some 35 Miles out of Belize City. On this Tour, you'll have the chance to see many tropical birds, learn about plants and their medicinal values and even see the Howler Monkeys in their natural Habitat.

Things to Bring

Bug Repellent 

Comfortable Clothing


3Hrs 30Minutes


Howler Monkey Sacntuary

Adults $45.00     

Kids    $35.00

Observe Belize's rowdy black howler monkeys in their native habitat with a shore excursion from Belize City to the Community Baboon Sanctuary, a unique conservation area that combines jungle, villages, and pasture. As you hike along forested trails with a guide, learn about the lifestyle and endangerment of the black howler monkey and how the sanctuary is helping protect these amazing animals in Belize, one of the few places in the world where they can be viewed in such a setting.

Things to Bring 

Insect Repellent


3 Hours